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Many people still believe that seeking therapy is a sign of weakness or an admission that something is wrong with us.  We believe that doing our personal work represents strength of character and tapping into our higher self resulting in a full and joyous life and the ability to achieve the goals we want. is the official website for the services and products offered by Rob Speigel, LiCSW and Mary Anne Balch Speigel, LiCSW.  We have over 70 years of combined experience and post graduate training in the field of Mental Health, Clinical Hypnotherapy and Medical Hypnosis. 

Rob and Mary Anne offer a broad range of Psychotherapy Services and products including Individual Therapy, Group Therapy, the Personal Transformation Intensive and other specialized and creative seminars and workshops.

If your other therapies have fallen short, please contact us to achieve the level of recovery you are longing for.  We offer individual and group Heart Centered Hypnotherapy services and the Personal Transformation Intensive.  All are proven to work.

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Announcing the Launch of Robert Speigel's New Book, "Of Endings and Beginning, A Memoir of Discovery and Transformation." Click the thumbnail to read a preview and order your copy. 
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